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DEUCE ? Advantage Aaramb !!

aaramb has been at the cutting edge of providing easy-to-use development environments for adaptable business systems. This was made possible by radical implementation of the idea of separate, interacting layers for Data Structure, Business Rules, and Interface Look & Feel.

The aaramb advantage today is the consolidation and extension of this expertise in two directions:

go to case study... Application-wide manageability
Using the same core enigma technology, you can manage client tier, application tier and data storage of large business applications, and stay on top of development-time complexity in areas such as version control and parallel development.
These manageability features are specifically designed to support RAD methodologies.

go to case study... Interoperability
aaramb's implicit modularity makes it easy to interact with third-party development tools at all levels: data modeling, rule specification and interface design. If you prefer, ship aaramb applications or application areas to third party software management tools.

Deployment interoperability is just as flexible. You can build 3-tier architectures where aaramb secures back office transactions for any type of user interface, from web applications to server batch operations.

Aaramb's Technology Services provide innovative lifecycle solutions that support its clients' critical information infrastructures to deliver sustained competitive advantage.

Aaramb's end-to-end solutions meet client business needs from assessment through operation, as well as providing continuous improvement that enable clients to agilely adapt to constant market changes...



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