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Uview selects Bizexpress Integration Suite as its preferred integration platform for its e-business implementations in South Africa. Arambh and Uview to pursue Co-development Opportunities.

April 09, 2002 : Uview and Arambh today announced that Uview has selected Arambh as its exclusive e-Business integration partner. A leading e-Business solutions provider, Uview will include Arambh's business integration software, Bizexpress, as a critical component of its customized e-Business solutions.

The companies further announced that Arambh's India-based Technology Group and Uview intend to collaborate in extending and enhancing the capabilities of Bizexpress and also exploring and developing new areas of opportunity for applications in the enterprise and business-to-business domains.

Bizexpress is the industry's first enterprise application integration (EAI) and B2B software to model business environments, dynamically generating optimal process solutions and the associated data integration without the need for programming. As new systems are introduced, customers update the model and Bizexpress implements the changes, modifying the process where necessary and consequently
minimizing future integration maintenance efforts.

"We look forward to using Bizexpress to simplify and accelerate some of our clients' complex integration efforts," said Caradoc Lance, CEO of Uview. "The enigma technology at the heart of Bizexpress speeds the integration process ultimately enabling us to deliver on our promise of rapid integration of e-Business applications. We also see significant opportunities in developing innovative solutions based on
Bizexpress in cooperation with Arambh and leveraging the capabilities of Arambh technology team in India to enhance Bizexpress."

"We are delighted to be working with Uview's implementation team business process experts," said Jayram Menon, President and CEO of Arambh. "This partnership is an excellent opportunity for Uview clients in South Africa and the UK to benefit from the power of Bizexpress. We are also pleased with the opportunity of working with
Uview to extend the capabilities of Bizexpress."

About Uview Internet Solutions CC.
Uview leverages an onsite-offshore execution model to provide advanced e-Business development, integration, and support services to companies that are harnessing the power of information technologies to realize enterprise value. Based in South Africa, the Uview implementation team has strong competencies in building and supporting enterprise e-Business applications that are based on open standards as well as on
Microsoft Solutions. Through co-development partnerships, Uview supports companies that are bringing to market cutting-edge, proprietary enterprise software solutions.

Uview is a privately-held company with a South African office in Fishoek, Cape Town and a representative base in London.
For more information about Uview, visit http://www.uview.co.za,
email info@uview.co.za.

About Arambh Network P Ltd.
Arambh is a leading developer of enterprise integration software solutions. Arambh's core product is patent-pending Bizexpress, the industry's first solution to integrate business processes within enterprises and across networks. Bizexpress optimizes
the value chain by dynamically generating the most effective processes and associated data integration. Bizexpress powers end-to-end integration in a fraction of the time and cost required by traditional approaches, while offering unsurpassed adaptability to support changing environments. Arambh's additional products and services include Bizexpress Enterprise, a workbench for Independent Software
Vendors (ISVs) to incorporate intelligent systems into their software; and a variety of consulting, support, partner and educational services.

Arambh Network is a privately held company based out of Chennai, India. Additional information about Arambh and its industry-leading intelligent solutions can be found by visiting www.aramb.com, emailing info@aramb.com.



more... partners:
we have a continuing interest in increasing our network of working contacts with various software development groups and international service firms. get in touch with us if you see a synergy working together with arambh.


more... virticon:
our industry consultants and advisors become part of a unique talent repository dubbed as virticon (a virtual pool of independent consultants) . virticon provides arambh with domain expertise support in areas (banking, insurance, logistics, business processes, supply chain etc) where there is need for a thinking beyond conventional lines of software development work.

more... one = open network of enterprises.
A revolutionary concept powered by Arambh. ONE stands for OPEN NETWORK OF ENTERPRISES. ONE allows like minded companies and individual and highly acclaimed professionals to become part of a large fraternity of professionals dubbed "The Virticon" - The virtual pool of independent consultants and companies partnered with Arambh to be part of the Rennaisance Network Team - ONE.

A long-term relationship among the Network has allowed Arambh to achieve a high degree of efficiency while retaining its snug creative ambience.

To join the Big Network - Arambh invites partnerships with companies and individuals who swear by synergy, to be a part of the dream team -the Open Network of Enterprises & the Collective Core Competencies Consortium.

This open network conglomerate, gives arambh the edge in terms of utilization of the cumulative core competencies of all the enterprises that are part of this unique network. we are in the process of creating fragmented associate companies that will further allow us to optimize both on investment and on human resource sharing, substantially increasing accountability. "ontime results and increased delivery responsibility" when viewed from client perspective.

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