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NEW: Spier - Powered by Bizexpress 3.1
See how Bizexpress 3.1 powers the customer response system on
Maximize customer response time, manage multiple services and content delivery.
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Business integration solutions
Arambh solutions can extend its reach outside the enterprise to include both trading partners and customers within the application integration architecture. Thus enabling any application or data store to share information with any other application or data store that exists within the value chain. The success of your business lies in an effective ebusiness implementation methodology.
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About Arambh EAI
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is really nothing more than putting science, methodology, and technology behind the integration of information systems. Arambh provides easy and scalable internet based enterprise integration solutions through Bizexpress enterprise.
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Cynx II

more... e-Business Application hosting made easy. CYNX II lets you deploy and manage your e-business strategy in minutes.

more... The Cynx.NET platform is an open, extensible, and secure portal platform for deploying business-to-employee, business-to-business, and business-to-consumer portals. Cynx.NET includes all of the key services required to implement robust portals, including security, community and user management, aggregation and presentation, integration, search, and personalization. Cynx.NET allows enterprises and service providers to increase reuse, lower costs, increase return on investment.
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Portals Business Integration Wireless Financial Provisioning Manufacturing Logistics

How arambh can help you?

Integrate Your Web Site -Make your web site cooperate with your other information systems.

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bizexpress V 3.1
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Bizexpress 4.1 is the industry's first solution to integrate business processes within enterprises and across networks. Bizexpress optimizes the value chain by dynamically generating the most effective processes and associated data integration. Bizexpress powers end-to-end integration in a fraction of the time and cost required by traditional approaches, while offering unsurpassed adaptability to support changing environments.

Bizexpress 4.1 is a ready-to-use e-business platform/architecture to handle all aspects of e-business:
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