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Arambh Network P Ltd was created in September 1999 to conceive, design and deliver an Internet based enterprise application integration solution to enterprises and to offer personalized and secure on-line and e-commerce services across a wide range of Internet-enabled application.
Headquartered in Chennai, India, the firm's EAI solutions enables consumers to access enterprise wide databases through a secure channel delivered through network service providers using a thin-client personal computers. With critical security features built in, Arambh EAI Solutions can be quickly implemented and integrated with existing systems, and scaled or expanded to accommodate future growth.

While the next-generation eBusiness opportunities leverage existing business infrastructures and adopt new technologies such as wireless access and pervasive computing devices. This presents an extremely complicated management challenge that extends beyond managing the computing devices, integration and management of the applications, data, and business processes within and across enterprise boundaries.

Arambh is positioned to be a quality provider of scalable enterprise infrastructure and enterprise application software enabling secure transactions through Internet-enabled consumer electronics devices.

To be the benchmark enterprise application integration company worldwide, setting the standard for customer satisfaction, technology, financial performance and quality in everything we do. We will achieve this by maximizing the value of our existing businesses and capabilities, by growing the business, and by being a leader in the global consolidation of the EAI industry.

Customers - Our Top Priority
We will delight all our customers, both internal and external, by understanding and exceeding their expectations.

People - Our Greatest Strength
All our people will be encouraged to realize their full potential as valued members of the team.

Performance - Our Key to Winning
We will set targets to be the best, continually challenging and improving the way we do things, both as individuals and as members of our teams.

Partnering - Our Future
We will strive to be the partner of choice, respected by everyone for our cooperation and openness.

Innovation & Technology - Our Competitive Edge
We will encourage a hunger for new ideas, new technologies and new ways of working, to secure sustained competitive advantage for our company.

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