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Introducing Bizexpress 3.1  


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Welcome to Bizexpress 3.1, the simple way to simplify and manage your e-business. Bizexpress 3.1 is a powerful ebusiness platform and a development tool. It is designed to help small and medium businesses succeed on the Internet. Bizexpress 3.1 platform does not require the user to be a "techie". It assists graphic designers, web developers with all the tools they need to create, deploy and maintain powerful e-business websites that are quickly adaptable, highly scalable and rapidly deployable.

Bizexpress 3.1 requires no programming background. Neither does it require a collosal investment in IT resources. It "generates" highly functional database driven ebusiness sites with infinite flexibility, from database driven catalogs/online-shops to fully web enabled b2b workflows. Bizexpress provides: Full backoffice management, Database reconstruction/migration from existing legacy systems(foxpro, dbase, ISAM, HTML, etc), Decision Support and Reporting, Logistics & Shipment configuration, customer profiling and behaviour tracking, transaction management, multiple payment gateways, multi currency shopping baskets/RFP/RFQ/enquiry and more.

The Bizexpress 3.1 platform is effective in building a complete customer to intranet to supplier integration across multiple domains supported by role based user access - thus providing a comprehensive enterprise integration solution. Since Bizexpress 3.1 generate web application source code, Bizexpress websites can be edited and tailored in terms of both creative design and functionality, and a hybrid blend be easily incorporated.

Turn your website into a business place! In SIX easy steps Bizexpress 3.1 creates,configures and publishes your e-business in record time.

more... An easy to use wizard configures and generates for you web-application source codes based on the type of business flow you choose.
more... Based on your configuration, Bizexpress 3.1 builds and generates a database schema required for your business flow.
more... Bizexpress 3.1 transfers your database to your webserver and maintains a backup of the database-schema on your backoffice-computer/desktop.
more... For you to add,delete,modify contents of your site there is an easy to use Desktop Application (Backoffice).
more... Changes you make in the Desktop Application are synchronized with your website at the click of a button.
more... A powerful logistics system lets you develop a shipment/logistics pricing table.
more... Preconfigured business objects lets you handle credit card processing, apply value added taxes, simplify repeat ordering, provide customers with order tracking, plus more.
more... Every Bizexpress 3.1 created e-business website has inbuilt search, user logins, shopping baskets (multi currency) and an easy to use administration console to manage your orders,users and transactions.

Bizexpress 3.1 leverages your existing business workflow as no other e-business application does. It integrates with your established processes and systems to ensure that you can serve your online customers as efficiently as you do those you reach through other channels.

Bizexpress 3.1 is a platform tailored for your business workflow. This solution is built of modules addressing specific business process requirements. Each module consists of an integrated library of software products, integration services all bundled together for rapid deployment.
Bizexpress 3.1 provides the power and flexibility required by enterprises worldwide. The Bizexpress 3.1 suite includes desktop-resident tools for catalog management, personalization, marketing, business process integration and high performance dynamic content delivery. Bizexpress 3.1 enables customers to combine content and business process into personalized and branded end user experiences. It supports not only e-commerce sites that sell goods and services but also a broad variety of content centric e-business sites for intranet, site visitors, customers and business partners, channels.

Bizexpress 3.1 consists of host of prepackaged tools that enable you to develop compelling product presentations with unmatched realism and accuracy.

Bizexpress 3.1 Components
more... Bizwiz 3.1 - The workflow and business process wizard
more... Bizsync 3.1- The database synchronization engine
more... Bizfront 3.1- The catalog management system
more... Bizsmart 3.1- The OLAP tool for decision support
more... Bizlogis 3.1- The logistics calculator and configurator.

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Bizexpress 3.1 - The modular solution
The powerful combinations of modules represents long term answers to your e-business needs. With integrated applications and consulting expertise from arambh, you can offer rich, relevant content, a comprehensive product / service catalog, and the personalized customer service that your business requires and your customer demands.

Content Management
more... Find what you want, when you want it through a dynamic and compelling user experience.
more... Context sensitive information and service recovery to increase customer loyalty
more... Reduce costs and stream line processes associated with the entry and publishing content

Catalog creation & management
more... Increase revenues by providing real-time, relevant content to buyers
more... Increase market share and revenues by quickly and cost-effectively adding products and suppliers to your catalog
more... Electronically deliver specialized catalogs to your buyers that increase your ability to market and merchandise through a richer user experience

Commerce & fulfillment
more... Provide timely product and shipping information, empower buyers through reliable and efficient communication
more... Deliver a secure, accurate transaction and fulfillment experience for your customers
more... Provide real time payment processing and purchase card support
Process multiple payments concurrently.

Marketing & Merchandising
more... Increase revenues and customer retention by making it easier for customers to do business with you
more... Increase profit margins by reaching customers in a cost effective channel that allows efficient cross sell and up sell
more... Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by delivering personalized offers and promotions
more... Analyze and optimize your online strategies by understanding and adapting to changing market conditions, customer behavior and retain competitive advantage
Detailed and customizable reports through an advanced decision support and OLAP tool.

System Requirements
- Personal computer with Pentium processor
- Microsoft Windows 95 or later operating system or Microsoft Windows NT operating - system Version 4.0 with service pack 3 or later
- Personal Web server (PWS) or Internet Information Server (IIS)
- 32 MB RAM for Windows 95 , 9x or NT ( 64 MB recommended)
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 1 (Included)
- Hard disk space required : Bizexpress 3.1 : 40 MB maximum
- CD ROM drive
- VGA or high resolution monitor
- Mouse or compatible painting device.








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