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You're on to the New Economy .... Why Look At Your Back Office Now ?

Getting on the Internet is important for your organization.
A web site that looks great, is fast, and can easily be found is of the essence so what you need first are good graphic designers and web site
managers. Your concern is to generate repeat site visits by offering rewarding shopping or visitor experiences. To process and store data coming in from your web site, you have your databases, information systems and well-trained employees all in place. So why worry about integrating your back office systems?
And what is back office integration anyway?

Internet Technology is New Technology
The Internet is still a relatively new medium, and so is all the technology that makes it possible. Internet applications exist next to existing information systems until you do something about it. Somebody
somewhere picks up orders entered by Internet customers and processes them manually, perhaps even re-entering them into some existing system.
Clearly you want some way of integrating it all.

As businesses are realizing they will all be e-businesses soon, because they really don't have a choice, a number of combined effects point in that same direction of back office integration.

Our Solutions
Aaramb delivers future flexibility by taking centralized business logic as its starting point. Integration projects are tackled by using a mix of strategies:

Application and database integration - making different systems work together. You can continue to use existing systems you have invested in, without needing to change them in a fundamental way.

Open data exchange - making systems exchange messages they can both understand. The great advantage of this strategy is of course openness to others, now and in the future.

Re-engineering - converting part of your existing system to a new technology such as enigma. This may seem radical, and it can be, but aaramb automates part of the process by offering bridging tools. Re-engineering results in optimal solutions for the future, with a low cost of ownership.

How aaramb can help you.

more... Integrate Your Web Site
more... Make sure your web site cooperates with your other information systems.
more... Avoid Back Office Complexity
more... Don’t create yet another layer of new technology on top of your existing data and systems.
more... Automate Business-to-business Communications

Internet customers now order themselves, directly. Does your information system let you do the same thing when you talk to your partners?

want to know more ? contact support@aramb.com

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