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Wherever you find a solution there "existed" a problem !
Businesses have many separate computer applications, manual systems and customer or supplier systems which are disconnected, forcing additional manual labor, error prone order fulfillment and a variety of operational problems with serious customer impact.

more... Enterprises require more than simple integration to enable applications to work together.
more... Organizations use a mixture of new and legacy applications, a number of integration tools, several standards and protocols, and a variety of business practices, and many companies want to link them all together.
more... Enterprises always need more than is ever found in a single vendor's offerings.

The real problem, of course, is that there is no longer a single product that can create an infrastructure into which applications can fit, perform their allotted tasks, and meet the business objectives of an enterprise.

What is aaramb's EAI initiative all about ?

The biggest problem we'd been able to identify in the enterprise market, that of interoperability. We felt that if we could solve it, we'd really have something--the original plans were literally sketched out on a paper napkin.

Today enigma is capable of receiving data from any source and translating that data to match any destination format. While application of this technology is widespread, it is especially valuable to the enterprise integration industry. This is because of the nature of the business--a complex infrastructure of systems and back-office and the giant number of players and the resulting large number of proprietary data formats and applications.

Factor in the increasing number of company mergers we're seeing today, and the problem is further multiplied. Historically, integration projects have been undertaken only at a very high time and dollar cost. Those days are over.

There are three key elements to successful enterprise system integration: Connectivity, security, and interoperability. Connectivity is achieved using the Internet and the standard TCP/IP protocol, which is now ubiquitous. Security has also been successfully addressed thanks to the "MIT guys". The final key element, interoperability, has always been the most difficult obstacle to system communication.

Interoperability means more than simply connecting things. It means that the receiving system must be able to understand the syntax and semantics of the sending system down to the bit level. If there is not complete agreement, the transaction between the two systems will be lost.

Aaramb's EAI initiative
more... Providing a convergence / integrating solution for enterprises using off-the-shelf-software-suites for business process automation
more... Addressing the inadequacies of ERP & CRM implementations to fit an individual company's business processes.
more... Providing scalable technology to connect isolated areas of your business.

With corporate productivity increasingly dependent upon streamlining cross-application synergies, integrating diverse systems help multiply each application's usefulness.

The need
more... Software tools to connect internet applications with the legacy back office systems.
more... Link primary e-business services such as content management, personalization and multi channel communications to transaction management services.

According to The Gartner Group, more than 80% of integration within an enterprise is done with batch rather than real-time processes. More than 50% of transactions between business partners are accomplished via manual interaction - voice, fax, email, and paper.

The Integration Solution
more... Provide solutions integrates business processes and builds flexible bridges between customers, suppliers, field representatives, strategic partners, and employees. We connect web sites, customer service, manufacturing, inventory and financial systems.
more... Provide the link between web front-end applications and the organization's back-end legacy applications
more... Work with the company's existing enterprise application provider's toolsets
more... Provide an intra-system level of integration with external business partners

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