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more... Solutions for ISPs/ASPs/MSPs:
While new generation ASP/ISP specialize in providing maximum value to Internet Subscriber, Arambh specializing in providing rapid application solutions for e-business enabling and enterprise application integration - connecting heterogeneous back office systems to internet enabled systems through the ISP.

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A conglomeration between Aramb and ISPs/ASPs empowers ISPs/ASPs at offering value added services through the Arambh Instapro Gateway, thus create the avenue for a synergy of mutual strengths for a maximized subscriber capitalization.

The Arambh Instapro gateway solution for the ISPs and ASPs will provide a unique service to Corporate and Midrange Enterprises (SMEs) of all kinds relative to those locations as constituting the ISP/ASP Network Coverage area.

more... The Business Model!
The advent of ISP offering value added services in an emerging high technology area is essentially driven by the fast changing needs of businesses that seriously lack time, money or resource to purchase, develop and manage applications. Outsourcing IT needs is not new to the business world. Two upfront advantages of outsourcing are cost savings and speed of deployment. Many customers initially tend to reduce cost to direct hardware expense associated with a total cost of ownership (TCO) model. For small and medium size enterprises, Arambh Instapro Gateway for the ISPs/ASPs is conceptualized to be in a position to deliver the same sets of applications at a lower TCO. Arambh Instapro Gateway can offer more rapid deployment of application across the enterprise, including planning, implementation, resale of connectivity, value added access services and 24x7 support services.

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Arambh Instapro Gateway shall be revolutionary to the ISP/ASP in that it extends the service model to include applications configured both vertically and horizontally. Benefit is the aggregation of resources that lets the ISP/ASP offer access to applications at a cost lower than companies can deliver internally. This includes the hardware cost, as well as the substantial additional costs to fund a corporate IT support. Because of the relative lack of availability of business applications for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), these markets present the most promising opportunity for ISPs/ASPs. Arambh Instapro Gateway services include end-to-end management or access services in addition to remote application server collocation/hosting.

more... Advantage to ISP/ASPs through the Arambh Instapro Model
As a direct consequence of a variety of content being consolidated at a the central repository of the Instapro Gateway - ISPs/ASPs acquire the advantage of getting the capability to create niche multiple Verticals to benefit from B2B marketplaces, transaction brokerage and associated revenues that accrue from it.

more... Internet-delivered business tools and applications.
more... Applications (Back Office, Front Office, Administration, Productivity, Operations Tools)
more... Infrastructure Services (software and services used to operate an IT department)
more... Web Tools (Tools used to build and manage Web sites)
more... Information Services (Web-published syndicated feeds, proprietary information)
more... Professional Services (Web-delivered specialized knowledge or services)

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more... Market Opportunity
ASP based, Web applications and services are becoming a reality. By 2004, analysts predict that spending on these services will grow to somewhere between $6.5 billion (IDC) and nearly $43 billion (Dataquest). As Information Week notes, however, "Customers could struggle with integrating outsourced applications unless single-app Service Providers establish partnerships with other vendors and outsourcers." To solve this problem, the same article notes that "new middlemen may emerge to manage relationships between customers and single-app Service Providers, integrating hosted applications - for them."


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