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BizExpress Enterprise :  

Bizexpress Enterprise, an innovative suite of products delivering the power of internet technology to suit complex business-to-business needs. The Bizexpress Enterprise Application Suite delivers a global e-business infrastructure that provides cost saving, revenue opportunities and increased competitive advantage for businesses of all sizes.It enables web-based marketplaces for business-to-business commerce, creating a single system for managing all buying, selling, content management and marketplace commerce processes.

Bizexpress Enterprise can be implemented within existing web and legacy infrastructures extremely rapidly, and lets organizations take advantage of the opportunities brought about by the new economy with a single, highly customizable solution.

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Bizexpress Enterprise is designed for companies with a distributed workforce or selling through multiple channels, direct and indirect.

Bizexpress Enterprise lets suppliers and their corporate customers operate in a web-enabled marketplace, seamlessly integrating third party organizations like customers or channels:

Unlike most other B2B solutions, Bizexpress does not disintermediate the channel partners. Aaramb solution adds more players over time to create a small marketplace organically without threatening any party in the distribution chain. Bizexpress integrates real world assets, relationships and customers with web-based business, with all the flexibility of embedded workflow capability.

Bizexpress Enterprise is a three-tier web based enterprise application architecture consisting of the following components:

more... a series of thin client applications providing different levels of functionality depending on the intended user (e.g. customer, sales rep, call center, warehouse), and HTML interfaces.

more... the application server runs on the web server or a separate server and provides the business logic and sites between the clients and the database.

more... stores all data used by Bizepress and mirrors data from the back-end financial system such as product and customer details

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Bizexpress enterprise solution helps organizations deliver Web-enabled applications, integrate legacy software with new systems, and design and construct software components.

Bizexpress - Enterprise is the right solution for
more... businesses that need to integrate multi-functions.
more... enterprises that demand high-performance, reliability, and scalability for n-tier distributed processing.
more... organizations seeking the productivity of model-based development and code generation.

Ask for how Bizexpress can deliver scalable, high-performance solutions to power your eBusiness.

The Internet-driven economy will increase almost six fold over the next four years, resulting in a $4.48 trillion Internet economy in 2004.
By 2004, Internet use will grow to over 700 million users, who will conduct over $2.6 trillion a year in commerce over the Net. That's over $4.9 million a minute - Source IDC

"Bizexpress is the nucleus that manages your business over the internet.60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year."

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