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Understanding Bizexpress 4.1  

What is Bizexpress 4.1 all about?


The Bizexpress 4.1 platform provides a comprehensive software solution for delivering a Web-based e-business platform/ environment. The Bizexpress 4.1 Work Bench facilitates the rapid development of a complete e-business transactive environment on the Web, including management of the transactive experience(flow), a structured business process, extensive integration features, and a complete web-based enterprise integration capability.

The Bizexpress 4.1 Platform is a scalable and robust workflow processing environment which provides for an open architecture that third-party software developers can embrace for rapid web enabled EAI.
While the Bizexpress Platform provides extraordinary features and flexibility, it is also a very specific software tool catered to a very specific function. Bizexpress's primary focus is the managing multiple business process of an organization. Bizexpress provides plenty of web and back office features and easy access to a datawarehouse over the Web..


About Bizexpress 4.1

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