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Integrated companies need not spend small fortunes in the outsourcing of all Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, when the leveraging of their EAI systems coupled with their best-of-breed application providers can offer significant BI insights. The first step to implementing any BI solution is the development of an integrated infrastructure, preferably enterprise-wide. Corporations that have already invested in, or are currently implementing EAI solutions are also already in the process of enabling a BI solution for their company.

Arambh enables corporations to leverage their best-of-breed solutions to provide BI with real-time, enterprise-wide capabilities. BI solutions are critical to today's competitive marketplaces and offer clear advantages by reducing costs through managing information intelligently and distributing that information in the desired format to the appropriate individuals in real-time. The ability to turn data and content into knowledge and then maximize that knowledge by turning it into a usable, intelligent and inimitable resource enables integrated corporations to improve their strategic capabilities and thereby increase marketshare and profitability potentials.

Arambh leverages EAI infrastructure solutions in place at corporations to enable more thorough, real-time and sophisticated BI that is user-driven - meaning that you decide how to think and how to analyze, not the developer. Easy to use GUI interfaces delivered through a portal environment facilitate the implementation of BI solutions into corporations' business practices (e.g., reporting, analysis, information distribution, connectivity, and related areas) to get companies up and running quickly and effectively.

Arambh understands the importance of cleaning the metadata that exists within corporate databases and documents and turning that data into knowledge and BI by using IT tools that publish the appropriate data to employees throughout the company - while restricting access and securing the integrity of the documents simultaneously. Importantly, with Arambh's experience, corporations need not limit their BI to within the firewall, but can extend BI practices to include B2B and B2C relationships, further leveraging their capability to be proactive and hold their leadership positions, by holding the best intelligence cards.

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