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The importance of provisioning applications is readily apparent: as more types and increasing numbers of connection touch points to corporate systems are required, whether A2A, B2B, and/or B2C, the amount of time and effort involved in fulfilling these connectivity requests places significant monetary burdens on corporations, in addition to the lost profits due to delays in the process. In other words, as the requirement of shrinking costs increases, the market demands increase the number and types of demands on connectivity to corporate resources. This paradox is addressed by provisioning solutions that enable reduction in expenses, workforce requirements, and enable more investment in growth strategies due to the ability to 'do more with less' by dedicating people to more important tasks while automating the more mundane tasks, which are also the tasks most open to human error and oversight. In other words, provisioning enables a proactive asset management approach that facilitates corporate drivers to: do more with less human capital; strategically reduce operating expenses without reducing growth; strategically invest monetized operating expenses in growth initiatives; and increase productivity of both tangible and intangible assets.

Arambh recognizes the importance of enabling cost and time cutting tools such as eProvisioning™ applications and has partnered with the innovative and pioneering company, Business Layers. The suite of connectors that Business Layers has developed for their flagship solution, eProvision Day One™, provide immediate value to corporations facing the otherwise daunting task of implementing an enterprise-wide asset allocation solution. Together with Business Layers, Arambh continues to offer best-of-breed infrastructure integration solutions that leverage companies' investments in EAI. EProvisioning™ is yet another opportunity for companies to reduce costs dramatically by automating and managing the business processes related to enterprise-wide asset allocation - an important business advantage offered by integrated systems employing EAI business models.




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