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Inside the firewall, corporations need to coordinate the disparate plants, assembly lines, warehouses, and logistics units with sales and marketing divisions. Not only must these units be coordinated in real-time, but precise analysis at a strategic forecasting level (as opposed to simple number-crunching) is the lifeblood of market capitalization opportunities.

Business critical decisions rely on daily, weekly and monthly Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) reports. Based on these MRP reports, every aspect of the product assembly is planned, managed, and executed. These business critical reports need not be time consuming in either production nor in the ability to access the data contained therein. EAI solutions leverage your best-of-breed systems and databases to automate and integrate MRP processes and reporting in real-time and on event-driven bases. With automated and integrated MRP reports, the ability to forecast for today or for next year is equally possible. MRP automation means that workflows and decision-making processes are automated so that the appropriate information is published to the authorized individuals at the appropriate point in the process. In this manner, business decisions are executed in real-time as the business process unfolds. The results and ROI address the high costs of line retooling, line stoppages or delays that can now be averted and excess inventory can now be turned into a profitable spot market opportunity. These results are all possible if the critical business data are made available when they are needed; that is, if the corporation has deployed a well-architected EAI solution.

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