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Arambh's Information Technology (IT) consulting division specializes in rapidly deploying seamless Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions. Arambh's core focus is to support corporations leveraging best-of-breed IT applications to enhance business processes and strategic IT goals.

EAI is not only a proven and embraced business and IT method, it also provides the integration power that is critical for today's leading corporations. EAI enables corporations to act rather than react by cohering and streamlining business processes. EAI solutions leverage IT infrastructure and applications to maximize business intelligence and knowledge.

What is EAI?
EAI is a methodology as well as a series of software components available through a set of vendors. EAI solutions are based on connecting your IT infrastructure to enable real-time interfacing for data transfer between your applications behind the firewall. This process is also extended to other arenas such as Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Exchange (B2X), and similar supplier, customer, partner, and regulator interactions. All of your business processes that involve the transfer of data within your corporation and between your corporation and those with whom you conduct business, can be integrated.

Why EAI?
A well-architected EAI infrastructure enables real-time, fully reliable messaging of critical business data and transactions via secured and failsafe channels. The immediate benefits include: integration of and within the value chain, streamlined business processes, improved business intelligence, maximized IT investments, reduced redundancies, and increased production and profitability. These benefits are achieved through the appropriate automation of tasks & workflow, the management and dissemination of critical business information in real-time, together yielding a high ROI due to a customized, flexible and scalable IT solution set incorporated into company specific processes.

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