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Rather than replacing current wireline communication systems, the most promising future for wireless communication services is as an augmentation to current services and media we use to conduct daily business transactions and processes. Wireless communication holds the opportunity to provide directed, immediate, interactive data transfer services to on-the-go and remote employees and customers alike.

Whether through handheld devices, digital cellular phones, or other devices, wireless communication services further enable the full complement of daily business events from anywhere:

  • Alerts and reminders (including interactive calendaring systems)
  • Email and text/voice communication
  • Conference calls and off-site meetings from anywhere
  • Rapid response and decision-making
  • Remote payments for bills and service agreements
  • Bidding and financial interactions in real-time
  • Extending Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions
  • Remote and on-the-go procurement process engagement:
    • Alerting of over- or under-stock situations
    • Decision-making
    • Tracking inventory
    • Item availability
    • Invoice approval
    • Transaction monitoring
  • Off-site support:
    • Geographic positioning of sites and directions to destinations
    • Scheduling (updates, changes, availability)
    • Paperless diagnostic support
    • Immediate and automated data entry from off-site locations
    • Meter reading
    • Support services for field crews and top executives alike
  • Logistics and inventory management at multiple locations simultaneously
  • Value added service options for customers and clients:
    • EBPP
    • Service and order requests
    • Inventory and order tracking
    • Customer service

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